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Crossing to Panama and Columbia ? Why take an Airplane and miss it all ?
Passage Panama-Columbia

Please keep in mind that ALL payments for transport go directly to support and it's projects. Avenir mediterranee is a United States registered non profit, so if you are an American citizen you can write this travel off on your taxes.

Everyone is expected to share all the cooking, work and sailing responsibilities.

Price : $400 per person
             $750 per motorcycle and rider

Panama Digicel number : 507 69 84 89 17


Panama -> Cartagena

November 23/24 2010

Private charter

Private charters aboard Metacomet are $125 (per person) a day with a 2 person, 3 day minimum.

Maximum of 12 people and $750 a day boat fees. Which means for a group of 10 people the price per person would be $75 a day !

Food and water is included. You may purchase alcoholic beverages and sodas aboard. All Children WELCOME !

No Plastic Planet

As of April 2010, Metacomet is now the flagship for the non profit envionmental corporation "Avenir Mediterranée - Save Our Seas, Inc." and is now accepting applications for volunteer work on our project : Protect Kuna Yala.

Volunteers can spend a minimum of 1 week on board Metacomet in Kuna Yala Panama participating with our continuing project.

Protect Kuna Yala is an eco package including educational information and school curriculums for children, campaigns of awareness which include cleaning each island and initiating a concrete disposal system that will directly help the indigenous community preserve their Comarca Kuna Yala as it once was, providing its future generations with the knowledge they will need to combat this ongoing problem.

Base Fees for Volunteers

$350 usd. 1 week
$650 usd. 2 weeks

About the Crew

  • Captain

    Name : Herve Guitard
    Age : 51
    Nationality : French
    Sailing experience : 35 yrs sailing experience on Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. Herve has been the owner of 6 boats between 32 ft and 75 ft
    Languages spoken : French, English, Spanish
    Talents : Dive Master, President of Avenir Mediterannee - Save Our Seas, Inc., Treasure Hunter, Philosopher, Activist

  • Crew

    Name : Dagny Lancy
    Age : 41
    Nationality : American
    Sailing Experience : 6 yrs sailing experience on Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. Dagny has owned 4 boats between 36ft and 75ft.
    Languages : English, French, and some Spanish.
    Talents : Mommy, Navigating, Hostess, Cooking & Baking, Scuba Diving, Sea Beaning, Professional Inline Skater, Ballet Dancer

    Name : Amani Marcos Guitard
    Age : 7
    Nationality : French-American
    Sailing Experience : 2 years sailing on the Caribbean Sea
    Languages : English, French, and some Spanish
    Talents : First Mate, Lego Construction, Drawing, Pastry Chef, Sea Beaning, Helping

  • Boat Rules

  • NO smoking inside the boat. Outside OK.

  • NO supermarket plastic bags allowed. Please bring something else for your supplies.

  • NO leaving garbage or debris of any kind ANYWHERE on the boat except in the proper recepticle, especially cigarette butts.

  • NO extreme drunkeness will be tolerated.

  • NO smuggling of illegal drugs.

  • NO firearms. The boat must be left as you found it... CLEAN !

  • NO paper, or ANYTHING that's not organic and from your own body must go down the toilets. If you clog the heads, you will be on your own with a bucket ! Very important rule to remember. ALL volunteers and transport passengers are to partake in work aboard (i.e. galley help, pulling of anchor, clean up, etc...) If you can't or don't want to do the semi heavy work such as hauling the anchor you can help in the galley or swab the deck maties !

  • Absolutly NO overly macho, boarish, rude, or disrespectful actions or attitudes will be tolerated! Respectful people ONLY please.

  • Contact

    We are now on FACEBOOK !

    Check out our group page at sail metacomet.

    For reservations or more info, please call :

    Panama : (507) 69 84 89 17
    Colombia : (57) 320 765 1592 ???
    Email :