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Kuna Yala is an autonomous territory in Panama, inhabited by the Kuna indigenous people.

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Can you imagine a unique and untouched paradise in the Caribbean being choked to death by tones of unwanted garbage (90% plastics) ?

The answer is Yes !

Worse, less than 3 hours flying from the "Hi-Tec" USA, this pollution which already kills thousands of turtles, dolphins, birds, fish and plankton all over the world is now putting an indigenous tribe (the Kuna Yala) in danger. The quantity of fish and other wildlife, and the richness of their soil is decreasing at an alarming rate, thus affecting directly where the Kuna people fish and grow their crops, their main source of food and revenue.

It’s polluting the beauty and charm of their white sandy beaches and traditional villages, decreasing the natural value of their culture.

Kuna Yala (approx. pop. 60,000) is the last Caribbean based, traditional, indigenous community living on the Comarca Kuna Yala, The Archipelago is formed by 365 paradise islands, grouped on 125 nautical miles of untouched Panamanian coastline.

Avenir Méditerranée – Save Our Seas, Inc. has begun to put words into action. After visiting numerous villages and getting the support and signatures of the Sailas in each village to go forward with our project and eventually achieve a No Plastic Planet environment, we are one step closer to achieving our goal.

Protect Kuna Yala is an eco package including educational information and school curriculums for children, campaigns of awareness which include cleaning each island and initiating a concrete disposal system that will directly help the indigenous community preserve their Comarca Kuna Yala as it once was, providing its future generations with the knowledge they will need to combat this ongoing problem.