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Why ship your bike when you can sail with your bike in style ?
How it works
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

Step 1

Our professional team will ensure your bike is safely transported from land to boat to land, via Launcha.

Step 2

Your bike is then carefully lifted aboard with the main sail line and secured in place.

Step 3

After your bike is secured it is then covered with multiple layers of plastic tarps. Ready for transport.

Step 4

Reverse that process on the other side and you are now on your way !

Basic Info

Metacomet is one of the ONLY boats around set up to take multiple motorcycles at one time. There is room for up to 8 bikes. Our price of $750 (bike & rider and does not include transport to or from Metacomet). Deck supports and plastic tarp coverings are included. Normal saddlebags and baggage are included in the price, however anything extra will have an added fee charged depending on size and weight.

Motorcycles are well secured and covered to prevent any salt water damage. Paper work is the riders responsibility, but its easy on both sides.

ALL Paperwork for your bike is under the RIDERS responsibility. The Captain is in charge of immigration only.

Yes you CAN find cheaper transport to Colombia, but you WON'T find a more responsible and respected crew OR a safer boat for your bikes out there. Beware of cheaper prices... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR in this buisness !


Motorcycles $350 USD
Motorcycle + Rider   $750 USD
Sidecar $320 USD
Bicycles $50 USD
Tandem $60 USD