Troy Bennett M.I.A.C.E.

Wolf Specialist, Nature Guide.

I have been studying wolves since coming face to face with a female wolf in the French Alps in 1998 whilst working as a shepherd.
I have studied the wolves return to France and the effect it has had on both the biodiversity and the farming communities and have had personal experience of wolf predation on both domestic animals and on the wild species that are found there.

I studied in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, firstly with the 'Carpathian Large Carnivore Project' and then spent time living with and learning from the local shepherds, including anti-wolf shepherding methods and the use of livestock guard dogs.
I worked in Poland in the Tatra Mountains with 'The Association for Nature Wolf' tracking wolves, mapping territories, conducting howling response surveys and scat analysis. I have tracked wolves in Portugal and the Italian Alps and have taken groups of people tracking and collecting data in all of these countries. I Studied with 'Compass Education' and completed their course on wolf studies with a distinction in 2004. And, I am a member of the Institute of Animal Care Education and a trustee for the Wolves and Humans Foundation.
Most of my field studies are in the French Alps, where I work with local shepherds and the 'Office National des Forêts' tracking wolves, conducting howling surveys, analyzing scat and prey remains, and kill site analysis.
I am also trying to start an eco-tour wolf holiday enterprise from there.

I have written various articles on the Wolf for :

The Wolf Society of Great Britain
Wolf Watch UK
The Institute for Animal Care Education
Compass Education and Training
ECO Magazine
And the Tooth and Claw website and book.

I have become involved in education for both shepherds, students and members of the public on the wolf and its prey species, and have given several seminars and talks upon these subjects for various associations including :

The Wolves and Humans Foundation
The Wildlife Trust
The Institute for Animal Care Education

I am trained in outdoor first aid, and can use sign language.

At the moment I am doing research into sightings of wolves in Great Britain and the possibility of them having been reintroduced into the British countryside illegally, amassing sightings and stories from various parts of the country. Anyone who knows of any wolf sightings in the U.K. can get in touch with me by e-mail. I am available for educational talks and seminars and also for writing articles for any interested parties. I am also looking for candidates to assist me in my wolf studies and for anyone who would be interested in holidays in France, or elsewhere, tracking wolves or studying them. More information on this is available by e-mail.

Yours sincerely,
Troy Bennett.